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Advisory Services

How do you pay for a college education, protect family and business interests, and fund a comfortable retirement? A foundation built on a comprehensive suite of insurance and investment products combined with sound financial management that provides value, protection, and performance. Based on your investments objectives, we can help you determine what financial products and services may be suitable for you. You may select a-la-carte from our menu of products and services to personally customize your own insurance and investment portfolio.

We provide advisory services to include facilitating:

  1. Registering a Limited Liability Corporation, Partnership, or S-corporation in the state

  2. Obtaining legal tax status

  3. Obtaining Health, Life, Disability, Ancillary, and business liability insurance

  4. Obtaining 401(k) and IRA plans

  5. Opening business bank accounts and obtaining business credit lines

  6. Opening brokerage accounts

  7. Obtaining Executive Benefits, Buy-sell agreements

  8. Child education planning and charitable planned giving

  9. Coordination with your tax professional for compliance purposes

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