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Your Advisor’s Professional Responsibilities

  • Client has year-round access to consultations with their Advisor, who manages and amends retirement plans and insurance benefits in accordance with the Client’s best interests.

  • Annually documents and renders the Client’s in-force health, life, and business insurance coverage and premiums, with summary of compliant health coverage, and current Form 1095-A for IRS compliance.

  • Obtains insurance quotes from all the top carriers in the state and electronically delivers the schedule of benefits for the top insurance plans as requested by the Client.

  • Researches the provider networks of each registered insurer for confirmation of whether Client’s required primary care physicians and specialists contracts have been finalized (the tax id is active on the insurers’ networks for the year).

  • Optimizes the Client’s ability to select suitable insurance coverage, bind new insurance for the next effective date as requested, and facilitate the cancellation of any previous coverage.

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