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Dental, Vision, & Hospital Indemnity

Supplemental products that provide you with the full coverage you deserve.

 Supplemental Insurance

Dental Insurance

 Affordable PPO coverage from top insurers that allow for the richest reimbursements of up to $5000 annually,   and the ability to choose any dentist that accepts dental PPO insurance.

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Vision Insurance

Excellent PPO coverage that allows for vision care at any age and no waiting period

Hospital Indemnity (GAP) Insurance

Helps bridge the out-of-pocket expense gaps left by health insurance alone. Benefits are paid in lump sum directly to the insured, not the providers.

Life Happens

Life happens. We can help you piecemeal together the perfect indemnity plans so you will never be left overexposed. We look out for your best interest when it comes to choosing the right insurance for you and your loved ones, helping weigh your options carefully before making the best financial decision for your given financial situation. Let us be your guide in selecting the optimal coverage at the lowest prices on the market.

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