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About Us

Brice Financial Services proudly serves the State of Florida, delivering bespoke insurance solutions that allow our clients meet the demands of tomorrow.

Brice Financial Services

Our passion for helping the retirees, business owners, and families of the communities we serve run deep, by providing insurance policies that make sense and provide quality benefits to you and your loved ones. We investigate every insurance company in the State of Florida to find the very best plans to fit you and yours’ needs both medically and financially. We always put our client’s interests before our own, and we have access to the healthcare and retirement plans that you need at an affordable price. Let us be your guide to better living through affordable insurance and retirement planning.

Your Insurance Advisors

men o.JPG
Alex Nelson, Principal Advisor
Cynthia Nelson, Senior Advisor. 

Our practice focuses on insurance advisory services and and self-directed retirement planning and trust procurement. We are recognized as health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance experts and we routinely establish self-directed retirement plans and insurance advisory services for the privately-employed, self-employed, and retired residents of the State of Florida.

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