Brice Financial Service

Offered Services

Offered Services

Investment Management Services

In our investment advisory capacity, we investigate, purchase, and sell on behalf of our clients, various securities and investments. Because we are registered fiduciaries, Brice Financial Services always puts our client’s needs before our own, which is why we usually invest in index funds and ETFs due to their inherent diversification benefits. We typically recommend low cost passively-managed "index" Vanguard funds and Vanguard ETFs over actively- managed funds that carry higher expense ratios.

401(k) Procurement

Personally-designed, truly-diversified 401(k) plans with checkbook control for individuals and small businesses that can purchase time-sensitive investments, including the following:

Stocks, Bonds, Options
Mutual Funds & ETFs
Private Stock Offerings
Raw Land
Hard Loans & Receivables
Limited Liability Companies
Limited Partnerships
Commercial Paper
Mortgage Pools
Tax Certificates
Life Insurance & Annuities
Trust Deeds & Mortgages
Private Notes & Loans
Mobile Home Rentals
Foreign Real Estate Rentals
Commercial Real Estate

We file the IRS-approved documents for your prototype self-directed 401(k) with In-plan Roth Rollover amendments, obtain Trust EINs from the IRS, and set up the plan with you (or the person of your choosing) as the trustee. There is a $5000.00 minimum open a brokerage account for your 401(k).

IRA Procurement

Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs, with low-custodial and management fees, clients are immediately provided the greatest access to preferred investment offerings at the lowest prices. There is a $5000.00 minimum to open a brokerage account for your IRA.

Insurance Advisory Services

In our insurance advisory capacity, we research annually all the provider networks of each registered insurer, obtain policy rates and summary of benefits of the top carriers, and educate our clients in order to optimize their ability to make an informed decision in selecting the proper insurance coverage.

We represent and bind insurance policies for the following Health, Dental, and Accident insurers:

We represent and bind insurance policies with the following Life, Disability, and Annuity insurers: